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Welcome to FreeLotteryGroup.com! We are here to help you win the lottery for FREE. Who does not love getting something for free. You may get over a million dollars for free by just clicking on links. You cannot win the lottery if you do not play.


I love to get something free. I love the thrill of winning. I love playing the lottery and dream of winning it big one day. But I cannot win if I do not play. I love helping people. I love participating in the office lottery pools that we have. My wife Laura and I have been working on building websites in our spare time since she has retired. My wife has been doing gardening so she is working on a gardening website. That is the niche that she chose to blog about. So I decided to build a website on the lottery niche. While doing research on lottery websites I stumbled across a website that let you get a share of lottery tickets for free. I liked the concept and the idea of the site. I figured I could make a better website. I want to be different and improve on the idea of giving away a share of a lottery ticket for free. I will be open and transparent about the process. I hope we all win lots of money.

Good Luck,

Sam Breaux

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