Challenging Goal

This is my blog of starting the lottery website. I am starting this journey. I love making and working on websites and I have worked on many different websites for friends, family, hobbies, and work. I had wanted to make a website while going through training on affiliate marketing with my wife lottery. I had picked the lottery niche because it intrigued me. I always loved Math and I loved winning. I am not a big gambler but enjoy participating in office lottery groups and usually buy a lottery ticket when the jackpot gets big. I at first thought about making the site about lottery tips. The domain of the site started out as While doing research I decided to change my area of focus to become a free lottery group website. I had became a member of and I liked Captain Jack’s website. I liked his ideas. I thought I could improve on his ideas and make my site better. My goal is to make the best free lottery group website on the internet. Right now it seems like almost impossible. I am determined to do my best and slowly make it to number one. I live in Lake Charles, LA. We can purchase lottery tickets in Louisiana. I have so far read lots of fine print and rules on the lotteries involved. I will make sure I post all the official rules on this website. I purchased the domain today for the website. Currently the website’s domain is but it will be changing to


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