I am still adding pages and testing the membership portion of the website. I figured I need to set a schedule and start purchasing tickets on a regular basis and testing things out before advertising and accepting membership. Shown below is the schedule. I will purchase lottery tickets on Mondays and Thursdays. I will post the tickets that I purchased so that everybody who signed up for the lottery group can see the numbers that we are playing. I will post the winning numbers and results as soon as they are available. I will be playing at first one ticket each for the three lotteries that we will be playing. As I receive affiliate advertising revenues then I will purchase more tickets. The more revenue I make the more tickets that I will purchase. the three lotteries that I will be playing are: Mega Millions, Powerball, and Louisiana Lottery.

Free Lottery Group Schedule:

Lottery Purchase Tickets Group Opens Group Closes Drawing Post Results
Mega Millions Monday Friday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Powerball Monday Saturday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
La Lottery Monday Saturday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Mega Millions Thursday Tuesday Friday Friday Friday
Powerball Thursday Wednesday Saturday Saturday Saturday
La Lottery Thursday Wednesday Saturday Saturday Saturday


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